Monday, June 22, 2015

Same? Different? Squirrel-o-rama

So back from the second doctor's visit in two days.  Bridget has some pain in her "waist" (really, her ribs) when she breathes.  That's been going on for about 5 days, and it keeps switching sides. Also, she says when it's on  her right side, it also hurts her shoulder.

She had a low grade fever for about 24 hours, Friday to Saturday.  It went away and came back at 102.1* this morning.

First doc said she'd pulled a muscle and that's why her ribs hurt.  :-/

Second doc said today we could hear some depressed breathing in her lower right lung lobe.  (I'm sure "lung lobe" is not a correct phrase.  It sounds really odd to say:  Lung lobe.  Lung lobe. Lung lobe.  So I shall say it repeatedly) To be fair, yesterday Bridget said her left side hurt and today, she said her right.  First doc didn't spend any time at all on her right side because Bridget didn't say it hurt.

We're starting her on antibiotics in case the depressed lower lung lobe is antibiotics. LOWER LUNG LOBE, FTW!

I have to be honest with you:  Dave and I really feel like we've been here before.  Diagnosis of pneumonia that really is atelectasis and, well, things happen.  However, Dave and I are no longer novices with Bridget's lung lobes.

We've got a pulse oximeter and we know how to use it.  We have a top notch pulminologist who will be our next step, should her oxygen numbers start to go down. We have a pediatric team that knows she's funky.

The crummy part is that neither option is great here:  Bacterial pneumonia or virus-causing atelectasis. Yeah, at this point, pneumonia is the better choice.  I guess??


No one is naive here.  This may be the end of the diagnosis and we're done.  Or, we may be at the start of something.

Blergh again.


Liz Humphreys McCarthy said...

PUH-leeeze tell me that they did an x-ray. 'Lung lobe' is perfectly correct, alliterative terminology. The next time a doc tell you that Squirrel's chest hurts because of a pulled muscle, please ask for another doctor. That is bullpucky.

An x-ray will rule out/confirm atelectasis vs. pneumonia. It will also show other things that might be causing the pain.

I wouldn't wait for low oxygen saturation before calling the pulmonologist; I would call him now.


Anita Blanchard said...

Ugh. We didn't do an x-ray. He said it wouldn't be able to tell the diff between pneumonia and atelectasis. I'm giving her 24 hours on antibiotics and seeing how she does. Then calling the pulminologist. It is hard making the best decision when we're not seeing her regular docs.

Hugs. I'm glad you're on team squirrel.