Wednesday, June 05, 2013


I cannot say my daughter's nickname in my head without happily thinking of this clip from Up. In fact, whenever I am thinking of my squirrel to myself, I often just repeat that scene to myself again and again until I laugh and move on.

Yes, I crack myself up telling myself jokes and making inside references.  To MYSELF.  I have NEVER claimed to be sane.

ANYHOO, it's been a shitty couple of weeks for twin illnesses over the last 2 weeks.  I think I've been to the doctor 6 times in that period, but honestly, I am too tired to count that high.  Christopher got it first and now Bridget has it (it being some viral respiratory shit) in a manner that is VERY SIMILAR TO WHAT HAPPENED IN APRIL.

I spent every waking moment last night (and there were a few) timing and counting Bridget's respiratory rate.  She was holding steady around 36.  40 is my (new) cut-off to go the ER.  Normal is 28.  She's been running a fever for 4 days and her breathing and coughing is getting worse.  We went to the doctor today and even had chest x-rays and YAHOO there is no pneumonia.  However, her oxygen saturation rate is 94%.  That is not normal.  And, indeed, all the RNs' advice from the hospital is echoing in my head:  if she doesn't get that oxygen rate up, she's going to poop out breathing too fast/hard and get  really sick. AGAIN.

So, god(dess) bless my husband:  he is buying us a pulse ox on the way home so I can check my moose and squirrel's oxygen level when they get sick.  I like objective data.  It takes out the subjective post-traumatic worry I still have from their hospital visits and lets me know when or if I should be making noises to get them more assistance.  

And maybe I can sleep a bit more?  I would really love to sleep a bit more.  

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