Thursday, January 14, 2010

So, Ummm, Yeah

I am really, really busy. And somewhat in pain. My back has been alternately going numb and tingling, so I think it's time to find a chiropractor and get some work done.

I started work last week, and at the same time decided we needed to go in a different direction with one of our nannies. Thank god(dess) for Sitter City. Seriously, if you need a sitter or a nanny, get your tired a$$ on there and find one. There are 4,700 people in their database for Charlotte. We found an amazing woman to complement our other fabu woman and now we have a childcare team that the babies love (already! They love the new nanny already!!!) and who are really and truly helping me work this semester.

But I have to be perfectly honest with you. I'm so incredibly focused at work that I simply do not have time for crap. I can only afford X amount of daycare hours per week with the twins, so I have to do what needs to be done when I need to do it. I have started online shopping with Harris Teeter, we are having organic produce delivered to the house and I'm using weekly menus to decide what to cook.

Also, I'm afraid that I've become a bit of a beeyatch taking no prisoners and getting done what I need to get done. On the one hand, I don't want to be a "pit bull" (what we called hard ass women when I was working in the real world). But on the other, I kind of like it. I'm getting problems solved and getting things done that need to get done.

But what really needs to get done right now is I need to sleep. And to get my wonky back fixed.


Blaine said...

As I always say "I'm a bitch. Deal with it. Bitches get things DONE!"

Anita said...

WOOHOO, Blainey pants!! So I'll put in the comments what I've done in the last 10 days--I've fired a nanny, fired a TA, and shared my concerns with a student about his/her performance on the 2nd day of class.

Carroll said...

Go, Anita!

Second day of class, eh? That must have been *some* unsettling student performance, alright!

Go, Anita!!!!!!!!!

Michele said...

I say go too! And we've been using Harris Teeter Online shopping for a while now and I absolutely LOVE it.