Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Michele from In Between the Parentheses, who is a real bread baker, asked about our bread. We are still following the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book. Honestly, it is the easiest thing I've ever cooked. And 5 minutes a day is the maximum I spend making the bread.

The challenge, though, is in the planning. If I want bread tomorrow night, the easiest thing to do is make the dough tonight and then bake it tomorrow afternoon. That gives it time to rise and time to bake and cool. But my active time in actually doing something is never more than a few minutes a day.

We've even been making sandwich bread using their dough. I bought some wheat dough and tomorrow, I'm going to try out the light whole wheat bread. We've even made our own pizza dough using their recipes and it's YUMMY: light, crisp and fresh tasting.

Have I mentioned we now have a weekly pizza night? Every Friday night is pizza night. One pepperoni for Conor and Dave and one grown up pizza for Dave and me. (Dave eats a lot of pizza). This week's grown up is going to be some variation of chicken and pineapple.

OK. Time to wind down.

Have I mentioned how wonderful our new nanny team is? How AMAZING? How much the babies love both of them and How. Much. They. Clean. The. House. A friend just pointed out some research that women professors with paid help at home are more productive in terms of publications than others. I'm thrilled to find this out. It may make next year's choices a lot easier---stay with Nanny Team or go to daycare.


lisa said...

Tuesday is pizza night at our house. Have you tried King Arthur's White Whole Wheat Flour? It's my favorite. Harris Teeter sells it. I used to make all our bread, but I don't anymore. I didn't like the shape of the bread from the bread machine -- too big for sandwiches. Do you use a machine, or loaf pans?

Anonymous said...
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Anita said...

We use a loaf pan. and yes, we only use King Arthur's flour for everything. I'm trying my first whole wheat dough/bread today.

Nope--no bread machine here. It's all "by hand" and one batch of dough makes from 3 to 4 loaves. We're even freezing dough for bread later on.

Michele said...

I fear I may have overstated my bread making abilities-- I'm definitely still learning. I have Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day too-- love the sandwich bread.