Thursday, July 02, 2009

Life with the Twins

Are they not adorable? Christopher is on the left and Bridget is on the right. This is their reunion photo, taken minutes after Christopher came home from the hospital. You might think I'm being facetious, but as soon as Bridget figured out he was there, she had her arm out and was touching him. I think he subsequently poked her in the eye.

Things are going well, for the most part. They are both gaining good weight, eating on demand instead of on a schedule. On Tuesday, I tried feeding them both at the same time at nearly every feeding, which went well. However, yesterday, I decided to focus a little bit more on each twin individually. It, ironically, out to be a little easier, especially when Bridget demonstrated that she could drain a boob by herself in about 10 minutes. Whereas Christopher takes his time to enjoy the ambiance of the boobage, Bridget is making up for "sharing the groceries" as the nurses called it in my uterus.

Sleeping is not as hellish as I remember with Conor. However, my parents are helping out a lot. They essentially moved in here in April after my first hospitalization had have been helping out a great deal. Lately, that includes delivering a baby to me if one is already on the boob as well as keeping an eye on them in the afternoon (and rocking down Bridget through her massive burps) while I take a nap.

Conor is being an amazing big brother. Who would expect anything differently? Yes, there are some whinage issues but really, we're ALL doing that right now more than usual. Here is Conor holding Christopher for the first time. And yes, Christopher is smiling at his big brother. Is that not the cutest thing you've seen?


Anonymous said...

YAY! I am so happy for you all. And the pitures are wonderful - 3 beautiful children ... you lucky dog!

Nancy (Google hates me again!)

RzDrms said...

Really?! SO thought your daughter was on MY left and your new son on MY right in that pic. Not only bc of their faces primarily, but bc of the hospital blankie on the right baby (Christopher), but the homey looking one on the left baby (Bridget). Am I so wrong, really, especially, since it was right when he got home (hence, hospital blankie)? I'm a baaaaad longtime reader.

Gorgeously fantastic children. Continued blessings!!! :)

Carroll said...

I am going to be smiling for hours after this, Anita. So much happiness in your household :-) three cheers for your mom and dad, I say -- and high fives to Big Brother Conor! (How super great for him to have had Grandma and Grandpa around during this chaotic and often a little scary time for all concerned -- grandparents rawk!) I cannot even begin to imagine what your levels of fatigue must be like at this point -- sounds like you are holding up really really well all things considered. Hang in there, Kiddo -- they'll all be heading off to college before you know it!