Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Report From the Bed

Admit it:  you think bedrest would be fun.  It sounds very appealing when life is hectic to be told by the doctor to get off one's feet and hang out, usually in front of the TV, and have folks wait on you hand and feet.  You would think this, that is, if you've never been on bedrest.  

Bedrest, in reality, sucks mightily.  My mom and dad, and of course Dave, and of course, many neighbors are helping out.  But here are a few surprising things:

*Daytime TV is worthless.  In one day, you can catch up on the marathon America's next top model or the Law & Order: SUV special abusive car victim's marathon of freaking you out and you're pretty much done with daytime TV.  I am actually finding work to be a delightful distraction from any daytime TV.  

*Many women have to lie on their side the whole time.  I get to recline and can more easily use my computer.  It still sucks. My lower back is not amused.  My knees are achey.  And my calves notice the lack of exercise in any form.  

*And to be all day in bed and then to "go to bed" really, really, sucks.  

So enough of the whinging on.  The babies are doing great.  I'm having a few contractions and a few more Braxton-Hicks.  No bleeding though and the swelling in my legs has gone completely down.  They even look skinny right now!  (You know they must have looked fat if I now think they look skinny)

The best news of all is that although they have it written down as complete placenta previa on my hospital chart, the official doctor's report is marginal placenta previa.  This is GREAT news.  The chances of my bleeding out or Peanut dying are much, much less with marginal instead of complete previa.  (The placenta only touches the cervix; it doesn't cover it)  

So yeah, the worrisome parts are looking better now. It's just the lying here that's going to be tough.  Fortunatetly, I have papers to grade, a book chatper to write, and a few things to review to keep me busy.  I would like to get the papers and the chapter done so I can read more fun things and take a few naps.  All this lying down is actually tiring.  

More on some new  remodel drama later.  We're still moving from Point A to Point B, it is just not even close to a straight line.  


Carroll said...

Small blessings on the back vs side-style of "resting" (I can imagine you would really lose your mind in very short order if you were cut off from your laptop) and big blessing for having caring neighbors, friends and family who can help! Also, a giant "Whew!" for the slightly preferred placenta placement.

How does Conor feel about having you lolling around all the time? Is he still enough of a snuggle bug that you get some extra-quality time with him after school?

And how in the *world* (we inquiring minds do want to know) are you possibly going to manage to supervise the remodel from so far afar??!

Bottom line is that the kidlets are percolating along the way they should be for now -- everything else will sooner or later fall into place one way or another.

Long-distance hugs from here!


I so feel for you. I did the bedrest thing for 6 months.

hang in there.

Zoe Hanes said...

So if I wanted to come visit and try to make you laugh, but you can't get out of bed how should I make that happen without just ringing the doorbell?

Anonymous said...

If you haven't already...time for knitting or crochet, perhaps? Helped get me through months of bedrest (but even it got old.)

nathanson5 said...

Hi Anita-
I worked with Dave at Psomas when you two first met (seems like another life ago)! Reading your blog makes me feel like I'm reading my story. We have an 8 year old daughter and 6 year old twin boys. I was also on 6 wks. bedrest in the hospital and went through IVF. I can tell that you are an amzing Mom. It's ALL totally worth it--Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the fun and excitement to come!! My only advice to you would be to purchase an extra set of hands if you can :)!

Piratewench said...

Hang in there Anita!! You're taking awesome care of those babies. What did I miss about the "chapter?" Are you writing a book? Do tell! And have you guys picked out names yet????