Thursday, April 16, 2009

From the Hospital

Well, that certainly sounds dramatic.  Things are actually fine, but there are complications.  

I woke up this morning and went to the potty and I  had blood 6 inch diameter circle of blood in my pajamas in a part which made it clear where it had come from. I called out to Dave "This is not good!  There's a problem!  We need to call the doctor!"

I reached the triage nurse and eventually the order was given to come into Labor and Delivery at the hospital.  We dropped Conor off at some friends whose son goes to the same school as Conor and went to the hospital.  In one of the happiest blurry sights (I left my glasses at home) I've ever kind of seen, I saw my OB at the L&D desk:  today is his day at the hospital.  

They hooked me up to the monitor and both babies heartbeats were great and they were both quite active.  I was having minimal uterine movement, and it looked more like at "irritated uterus" than contractions.  

My main concern at this point was that my membranes had ruptured.  At 27 weeks, this would be a Not Good Thing.  The doctor did an internal exam and did not see any leakage and a manual check of my cervix link showed that it was still long and closed.  A bonus is that he was so far up my coochie, he aslo checked out my sinuses and found them healthy, too.  

In the next happiest sight I've seen during an unexpected visit to the hospital, my high risk doctor walked in the door with an u/s.  I love this doctor, too.  And pretty soon, he and his nurse figured out the problem:  placenta previa.  At my level II u/s, they thought it looked low, but at the last check up, we didn't notice anything bad.  However, now, it looks low and over/near my cervix.  I'm really not sure whether it's complete or marginal, but it's low.  And Baby A is really transverse low, probably because she can't get her head down past the placenta to be headed towards my cervix.  

Besides that not-so-great news, the babies look great.  It seems like the bleeding has stopped.  And if we can keep it from bleeding again and the placenta stays in the same place, the goal is to get to 36 weeks and do a c-section.  I'd like a little longer, but we're going to have to see what we can do with that negotiation.  If the placenta moves (which may be unlikely considering how far along we are), we may be able to go longer.  

I still have  some blood in my "vault."  Yes, that's apparently the medical term for the inside of your hooha.  Your "vault."  Shouldn't there be a lock and key to my vault?  The first thing I thought of was my "Chamber of Secrets" although depending on my mood, it could be my chamber of horrors.  

In any case, there is blood still in my vault, so I'm still spotting, but no one is worried.  I'm in the hospital for a couple of days for observations so that they can be assured I've stopped bleeding.  And then I'm on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy.  

Ironic, eh?  Well, the babies are doing great in size.  And the Dr. Luke diet improves everything EXCEPT for placental previa, which is a pretty random thing anyway.  To be honest, what I'm most concerned about is eating enough here.  I inhaled lunch and had a snack of chicken noodle soup.  Dr. Luke would have a hissy fit if she saw how little I had eaten today.  Now, more than ever, I need these babies to have as much weight on them as possible.  

I hope I can leave the hospital this weekend.  And I hope I don't have to come back again until it's time to give birth.  9 weeks folks.  that's the new minimum I want to go.  (Originally, it was 11 weeks minimum, but 9 is the new 11).

And I need  a pillow.  Food and a pillow.  But the babies are both ok.


Our Horse Curly said...

So here I am at work, showing a group of 2nd graders pictures of a farrier on my blog, when I glance over and see your blog title over on the sidebar! It's amazing how quickly you can shoo away 10 little kids. :-)

Glad to hear both babies are doing fine. And I'll have a milkshake for you this afternoon, 'kay?

Kim said...

Wow! Your title really scared me! Ok, I'll be praying for 9 plus more weeks for those babes, and that you will enjoy (is it possible?) your bedrest!

Anonymous said...

Please inform your doctors about the snoring. Snoring in pregnancy (or anytime for that matter) is not a neutral activity.

Carroll said...

Whew/Yowza/Yikers! What a scare!! Really glad to hear that all is, relatively speaking, well.

9 weeks bedrest, eh? Our daughter-in-law's sister just made it through more than 4 months of that with a beautiful baby girl as the end result. Fingers crossed from here for your two little ones.

Way to get out of teaching the rest of those pesky classes this semester, Anita!


Michele said...

So glad everything is ok. Thinking of you and hoping you get home soon!

Carroll said...

OK, I don't want to be too pushy here, Anita, but I'm thinking we need an up-date. Everything still going OK?

Sending strong positive thoughts in your direction!