Friday, October 31, 2008


How weird to finally be "in the game" with this process and being able to write that bizarre word.  It stands for 3 days past a 5 day transfer--essentially 8 days past ovulation in a regular cycle.

Yes, I completely understand that it's too early to feel anything "real", nonetheless, this is the first cycle for sure that I know somebody (some bodies) are in there.  Yesterday morning, I was totally reeling in indigestion after breakfast.  Again, I know it's too early, but I had that exact same feeling at about the same time for Miscarriage #2.  I didn't have any heartburn last night after dinner, but I did wake up this morning feeling like I had a "sour stomach."

This morning I woke up feeling nauseous. Not anything horrible, just not liking food.  And then I coughed and immediately dry heaved.  That's not typical.   

In any case, it's way too early to test and alll of these "symptoms" may just be side effects of the PIO.  However, I didn't have any symptoms before the transfer and have only started them a few days later.  Annnnd, feeling the rise of acid in my stomach now.  Hopefeully, this is good news.

What is not good news is that our furnace is out!  Brrrrrrrrr.  Hopefully that will be fixed today because it's freakin' cold around here.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The transfer went really, really well.  They transferred two high quality blastocysts that looked like they were starting to "hatch".  The embryologist said that it meant that they were likely to keep growing---a good thing.

We also have already frozen quite a few other blastocysts and it's possible that we'll have some more tomorrow.  

We are pretty psyched.  I'm thinking sticky peanut butter thoughts---my uterus is like peanut butter and the embyros are stuck in it and digging in.  

I'm to take it easy for the next three days---not the crazy bedrest they prescribed before, just off my feet and taking it easy.  So, that's what I'm going to do.  

I'm already starting to feel a little crampy.  It could be from the catheter that they stuck up my coochie, but I'm hoping that it's a couple of buggers digging in there.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Surprisingly Good News

When we last checked in, one day after retrieval, we had found out that 15 of our 22 eggs had fertilizied.

Two days after retrieval, we found out some astonishingly good news:  in those 24 hours, an additional 6 eggs fertilized.  We now have 21 out of 22 embryos that are trying their darndest to become babies.

Today, we found out that things are still going very, very well.  According the the chart they gave us, today they would like to see 4-8 cells.  The good news is that one embryo is now an 10-12 cell morula.  The embryologist assures us that although this is unusual, it's actually a good thing.  We have three 10-cell embyros with two graded good  and one graded fair.  In addition, we have five 8-cell embryos rated good, six 8-cells rated fair, three 7-cells rated fair and three 6-cells rated fair.

As far as I can tell, everybody is looking pretty good.  The more cells the better, so we actually have 4 really dang good looking embryos and an additional 5 pretty dang good embryos.  The remaining 12 are, I guess, just dang good looking embryos.  I read somewhere that less than 4 cells today are a bad sign and everybody has more than that.  

Although the embyrologist says the morula is fine, it worries me that it may be past its prime for transfer by Tuesday.  I really hope not.  

We'll see how things go.  I'm thinking things look good.  I just hope Mr. Morula doesn't peak too soon.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


We have 15 fertilized embryos!!

Today they are going to let us know how they are developing (2 vs. 4 cells) and whether we will be doing a 3-day transfer tomorrow (bad) or a 5 day on Tuesday (much, much better).

I am beginning to feel like a pin cushion.  My belly is quite bruised.  Yesterday's heparin shot went very, very wrong and there is a huge bruise the color of a midnight thunderstorm on my belly.  Also, I am beginning to notice that when I lift my shirt to get sympathy for my bruises, my friends' first scream of horror involves the giant millipede scar from my stomach surgery, and it's only after they take a breath and scream again do they notice the bruises. Let's just say the bikini modeling days are well behind me.

Speaking of my behind, the PIO shots started 2 days ago.  The first one felt fine and I wondered what all the belly-aching was about.  Then I went to sleep and rolled over.  Ah.  That's why.  Yesterday's shot hurt almost immediately, but I found that walking around like an ostrich in a parade seemed to help work out that pain.  Today, it just feels like I've been exercising hard and my booty is sore.  If only that were the case.

Hopefully, we'll hear soon about the cells' progress.

Friday, October 24, 2008

So Far, So Good

Well, this is a bit different. Of course, now that I've said it, I've jinxed everything. And I'm not being facetious, that's how I feel.

They retrieved 26 eggs. 22 were mature. They did ICSI on them and we'll find out later today how many fertilized. They all think this is good news, but my stomach gets in knots just thinking about it.

We're traveling today, so I hope to have Internet access later on to update.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, things are still looking good.

The retrieval is set for Thursday.  We may be looking at double digits as far as the number of follicles goes.  

I'll post again on Friday to update about the fertility rate.  I say that feeling like I am being way too bold to even think that might happen.  

It's truly surreal to travel around the country to try to get pregnant.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's a Go!

Holy Cow.  It appears we are actually doing this, or at least, we're actually heading out to California.  Everything is a go and I am still surprised.  

Of course, not to sound like Eeyore, but I'll believe it when we're there and they are actually doing the procedure.  I have to admit that it feels like we're carrying our own pharmacy out on the plane.  We got a letter from the docs just in case TSA stops us and wants to know what the bazillion syringes are for.  They look deadly, but the worst they could do is cause the pilot to ovulate and improve his or her uterine lining.  While some might find that weird, it's not technically a "threat."  

It looks like Thursday will be the retrieval date.  We're looking decent with the number of eggs and I don't want to jinx anything by saying the exact number, but we are actually optimistic. If Thursday is retrieval and everything else goes well, transfer will be on Tuesday.  

I've obviously had a hard time focusing on getting everything done here.  But somehow, I'm actually Getting Things Done.  I have to be honest, two weeks off in the middle of the semester is no professor's idea of a good time.  Thank God(dess), I have tenure now.  It makes this whole procedure a lot less stressful.

We'll have internet at the hotel, so I'll be sure and update when we can!!!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Mother Things

The trip to the dentist continues to be important in the Mother Thing household.  Conor is checking the morning and evening circleson  his Brushing Board.  We've always brushed morning and night, but now there's somethign to check and so he likes it very much.  He's also very concerned that we finish brushing his teeth with little circles.  They repeated that several times, so he's very concerned that we do it correctly.  We oblige.

Our architect came by on Weds with the drawings for the remodel.  He's recommending a second story master suite with a loft and taking over the back deck for the family room.  We actually LOVE the drawings.  It will really make our house more Arts & Crafts-y and add on space without just plopping big rooms around the floor plan.  It will always be a smallish house with smallish rooms.  But it will feel bigger and actually have more space.  In any case, we have to figure out if and how we can afford the remodel.  And there's an issue with the kitchen window we need to figure out, but other than that, we're loving this plan.  

So far, the trip out to the clinic in CA is still on.  Things look good right now, but I've thought that before.  We'll see what happens in the next few critical days.  I did finally figure out that icing BEFORE I give myself shots decreases both the pain and bruising.  I was doing it afterwards, but now I no longer shout out curse words if I hit some painful spot.  It still looks like Dave has beaten me with a stick on my belly.  But, you know, whatever.  

I had to tell my classes that I am leaving for nearly two weeks for a medical leave.  I'm keeping the real reasons private (for once!), but I didn't want my class to think I was in danger of dying or anything.  Then again, if I told you I was going to a clinic in California for nearly two weeks, what would you think?  Well, if you could see me, you might think I was going out for cosmetic surgery!  So I did tell them that 1) I'm not dying and 2) I'm not getting cosmetic surgery.  They thought that was very funny. (Cuz I could probably use more than a little at this point!)

Nonetheless, we have a boatload to do to get ready.  And I haven't even told you about She and Ne (they rhyme).  I promise I will tell you about She and Ne soon.  This is one thing we have to get on record before they go away.  

Monday, October 13, 2008

Conor's First Dentist Visit

We're a little behind taking Conor to the dentist for the first time.  But we decided to go ahead and start him, even without insurance.  (We are changing my plan this week!)

It went really well and he was such a big boy.  We found out that Dave and I are supposed to help him with his brushing until his about 9 years old.  (I had no idea about that)  Nonetheless, he had very little tartar on his teeth as evidence by the purple dye.  

He had his first x-rays showing that yes, indeedy, he does have his permanent teeth in and they are ginormous.  Like me, he's going to have to have 4 bicuspids (?) pulled when he's young so that all his chiclet teeth will fit inside his mouth.  However, to help them come in straight, they are going to pull 4 top and 4 bottom so there will be room.  The dentist assures me it won't hurt Conor, but I will wait and see on that one.

Conor did really, really well.  He had a little conversation with the hygienist answering her questions and commenting on the equipment.  And when she started scraping his teeth, I could see his clenched little fist up on his chest.  Then he slowly relaxed it and put it on his chest.  I was so proud of him, calming himself down and trying not to be afraid.  

On the next trip, they want to get x-rays of the sides of his teeth to look for cavities.  I'm hoping we can start flossing tonight and prevent him from ever getting cavities.  (Dave and I have exceptionally few cavaties)

It was really a big day for Conor!

UPDATED:  I keep getting teary eyed thinking about today's dentist visit.  He was such his own little man sitting in the chair and interacting with the hygenist.  He's really growing up.   And it just about breaks my heart.  

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ramping Up

Well, the medications are starting to ramp up for our next cycle.  We're heading out in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping things work out this time.  It's incredibly weird to be leaving for so long in the middle of the semester.  A good friend is lecturing for a week in my undergraduate class, and we're meeting over the weekend for my graduate class.  All in all, that will work out well.

I'm still recovering from Bunny Stomp 2008.  I did not get the reaction online that I received from my FtF friends--the screaming, the hold of one's face in one's hand and the general disgust at having someone who could step on a bunny in one's presence.

Perhaps I did a better job at describing the pitch black road between the two streetlights, the hard pillow/soft book feeling of that particular step, and the (not being flippant here) the horrible screams that ensued, both the bunny's and mine.  I have apologized to everyone I can think of:  God, the universere, the bunny, every one.  And I am still having a hard time dealing with that experience.  

People ask how I couldn't see it:  it is so dark here right now in the morning.  The sky doesn't even think of getting lighter until 7 am, and I was out there about 6 am.  

People ask how it is physically possible that I stepped on a bunny:  my call is that the bunny was already injured, a thought that comforts neither me nor the bunny.  

I don't know if I have shared my experiences of running and jumping over a bird that flew up between my legs or scaring a mouse once or getting into a fight with a squirrel.   But I'm starting to get a wee bit paranoid with the wild animals and my runs.  And wondering what it is about me and my running that I am a hazard to mostly innocent animals while I'm out and about.