Monday, October 13, 2008

Conor's First Dentist Visit

We're a little behind taking Conor to the dentist for the first time.  But we decided to go ahead and start him, even without insurance.  (We are changing my plan this week!)

It went really well and he was such a big boy.  We found out that Dave and I are supposed to help him with his brushing until his about 9 years old.  (I had no idea about that)  Nonetheless, he had very little tartar on his teeth as evidence by the purple dye.  

He had his first x-rays showing that yes, indeedy, he does have his permanent teeth in and they are ginormous.  Like me, he's going to have to have 4 bicuspids (?) pulled when he's young so that all his chiclet teeth will fit inside his mouth.  However, to help them come in straight, they are going to pull 4 top and 4 bottom so there will be room.  The dentist assures me it won't hurt Conor, but I will wait and see on that one.

Conor did really, really well.  He had a little conversation with the hygienist answering her questions and commenting on the equipment.  And when she started scraping his teeth, I could see his clenched little fist up on his chest.  Then he slowly relaxed it and put it on his chest.  I was so proud of him, calming himself down and trying not to be afraid.  

On the next trip, they want to get x-rays of the sides of his teeth to look for cavities.  I'm hoping we can start flossing tonight and prevent him from ever getting cavities.  (Dave and I have exceptionally few cavaties)

It was really a big day for Conor!

UPDATED:  I keep getting teary eyed thinking about today's dentist visit.  He was such his own little man sitting in the chair and interacting with the hygenist.  He's really growing up.   And it just about breaks my heart.  


Elizabeth said...

We started taking Carter at age 1. Plastic animal-shaped flossers (DenTek Fun Flossers) make the task much easier. In fact, Carter flosses himself with them.

(They say to discard after one use, but we rinse and use more times to blunt the environmental impact of throwing them out.)

Our Horse Curly said...

Help them brush 'till their 9??!! We stopped helping the girls once they reached 3 or 4...and neither has any cavities. (Of course, that could just be due to genetics and perhaps dumb luck.) I do monitor the amount of time they spend brushing, however. Insist on one go through of "Happy Birthday" or the ABC song for uppers, one go through for lowers. :-)

Loretta said...

I took my son for his first dentist visit at age two. We were lucky that he doesn't have cavities. It was really nice to see my boy brave up when he was having his teeth cleaned. His dentist (Bartlett based) told us to help him brush his teeth as well. We're really hoping to keep our insurance with the Bartlett dentists as they are awesome to us.

Julius Ainsworth said...

You definitely have to be very proud of Conor! I think he did extremely well for his first visit, especially because he kept calm when he seemed tense. Has he had his teeth extracted yet? If so, how did he do then? I hope that his experience was okay and that it didn’t cause him to be frightened from the dentist’s chair.