Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Joke! Ha! Ha!!!

People!!! Obviously, I am not nearly as funny a writer as I thought I was.

It was A JOKE!!!! I observe my son reacting to some sort of thing or another just like I do, maybe too quick and overly emotional response and I ask myself: is that because my son is just like me? (awwwww) Or am I just emotionally still a toddler? (ewwwww) It cracks us up around here when Conor does a typical toddler thing and we wonder if it's inherited from us or simply his age and if we totally understand his response (Dave's issue is being cranky without enough food), is it because we are way too immature!!! So there. Joke! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Well, I guess I'm just not as gifted a writer as Dooce and I can't write a 3 sentence blog entry that makes you laugh. Or maybe my blog has been whining too much. Whatever. More wine, less whine is my motto.

Ok, let's try this again........

When we were teaching Conor how to pee standing up, our friends suggested using their trick: having their son pee on a tree. Since we live with lots of old trees and when Conor is playing, it certainly is much more convenient for him to just run over to a tree and pee than go inside.

So last week when I picked Conor up from school, his new teacher said "Conor did something really funny on the playground today."


"Well, I looked over and he going to bathroom on a tree."

I stand there mortified mouth open.

"Well, I knew it wasn't the first time he'd done that because he wasn't acting embarrassed or anything."

"Uhhhhh, yeah....." I say, my face turning a bright shade of magenta.

"I told him that when he needs to go potty outside, he needs to let one of us know."

At this point, honestly, I'm laughing hysterically and the teacher is pretty much laughing, too.

Nonetheless, YIKES! I think we're getting ready to head for those Don't Do This Anywhere But Home lessons.


niobe said...

*I* knew it was a joke. : p

Cary said...

Luckily my son knows that peeing outside is a home activity only (is peeing an activity?).

He still has issues with keeping aim in the bowl when inside but from what I hear this very normal for a boy. Cleaning toilet hinges has become great fun for me. Please someone tell me that they out grow this...

Jennifer said...

So did I, but you gotta appreciate the Internet's concern for your well being, no? ;)

Jennifer said...

Also? Are you sure this is the right time to juxtapose

It cracks us up around here when Conor does a typical toddler thing and we wonder if it's inherited from us or simply his age


"Well, I looked over and he going to bathroom on a tree."

Just sayin' ;)

Anonymous said...

Let's be frank: no I"m not getting a sex change

However, most of the time it's kind of intense around here.


Piratewench said...

Not long ago we were at Trader Joe's doing a little shopping...while fondling the fresh cut flowers,I looked over to see Max standing in the doorway of the threshold, having 'whipped it out'...he was about to go right there on the doormat, in the doorway, while the automatic doors were busy opening and closing...in one motion, I swooped him up and set him down in front of a post outside to finish it off.

So, a tree would actually be a step towards acceptable for us!!

Anita said...

You guys are Cracking Me Up!!!

burkinator said...

I have to de-lurk on this one. The 3 sentence post WAS hilarious. My dad taught my nephew that peeing trick--except that nephew felt he had license to pee anywhere ... Such as in the rented van on a trip to Carolina. As he starts pre-school, my sister fears he will get something on his clothes and rip them all off to run around naked, as per his custom at home. So, it could be worse.
-Kristen, a friend of Carolina Karen

Anonymous said...

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