Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More Romantic Than That?!

Last week was Dave and my four year anniversary. (Thank you, Brian and Arnie for babysitting so we could go out to dinner and save that odd $30 in babysitting fees!)

It's been a quick and easy 4 years. I really feel like it's not possible that Dave and I have been married that long. I know I am the luckiest woman alive to have him as my husband.

And he says the same of me, even after this year's anniversary present. This is the year of the appliance. Well, appliances are the modern gift. Fruit and flowers are the traditional gift. I have to say that I've reached the age that appliances are much more exciting to me than that odd pear and rose bouquet. Maybe the folks who decide what is appropriate for anniversary gifts figure that the bloom is off the rose by this point and you need to make sure the clothes are being efficiently washed.

So Dave bought me a cool new Motorola Razr cell phone. I have not had a cell phone for about 4 years or so (that budget thingy, dontcha know) so I am very excited to get one again.

I bought Dave a nose hair trimmer. He ASKED for it! I know, I know. That's the worst gift you'd ever give your lover. And it's not like I've noticed tufts of hair coming out of his ears or nose. And that's not because I haven't been observant; since becoming aware of such issues, I have noticed that more than a few men in my everyday world need some manscaping. It's just that he needed a new one, it was time for gift giving, and so he asked.

Ok. I'm really not that bad. I did buy something more romantic. MORE romantic? Is it possible?! (Thanks, Jennifer, for that exact quote) No, there is actually nothing more romantic than knowing your smoochie trusts you enough to 1) tell you he needs a new nose hair trimmer and 2) that you think that's perfectly normal because he's such a handsome man, how could you refuse? (I'm trying to make one of those clever points that gifted writers can make without telling you that they are trying to make it)

So in addition to the BEST NOSE HAIR TRIMMER I could find, I bought a KitchenAid Coffeemaker. And I'm here to tell you, hot well-brewed coffee bright in early in the morning, that doesn't suck. No, it's still not that romantic. But romance is a sweet, precious and sometimes less often event here in the MotherThing-with-a-toddler household. But fresh brewed coffee from a pot that doesn't leak? We can both have that every morning.


Carroll said...

Awwwww :-) Many happy ever afters to you both, Anita!

redzils AT gmail.com said...

Happy anniversary!

Enjoy your coffee, cell phone, and well-groomed husband. Those things all sound plenty romantic to me :)

Anonymous said...

That is so funny; just this past weekend I also gave my husband a nose-hair trimmer (his request) for his birthday. I figured, if having the top-of-the-line nose-hair trimmer was going to make him that happy, then it was a present worth giving.

Happy anniversary to you both!


Jennifer said...

When Alex was getting ready to move back home from his job in the States, he told me he had bought me a present.

"It's black," he said. "And it's hot. It's something we're both going to enjoy."

Yeah, it was a coffee maker/espresso machine. And we do both enjoy it - a whole lot more frequently than...certain other gifts he could have brought.

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! Time flies!


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