Thursday, July 20, 2006

Weird Kinda, Weird Wanna, Weird Just to Be Me

Oh, good heavens. I've waited so long to write that entry on "weird" that I've missed the opportunity and now, instead of looking weirdly cool, which was my goal, I just look damn lazy.


Things are going on around here, people. And I can talk about some things, but I can't talk about others. In fact, I wish I could tell you about going through some really dark times in my life like Finslippy's heart wrenching (yet humorous!) reveal, but I can't. Does that make me weird(er) that I would rather talk about something like that than the things-that-cannot-be-named? Yes, my real name is Hermione and I am dealing with Voldemort, and if I mention it in my blog, I will die.


It's not like I don't think about updating more often. God knows that nearly every night when I go to bed, I spend HOURS thinking of the witty entries I will write the next day, but then I actually have to work (my ass off) and the best I can do is skim Dooce and check out the pix of Go Fug Yourself and then it's night time and I'm writing entries in my head in the hours before I go to sleep. So why not get my fat ass out of bed and write, you ask? Good question.

BUT despite the gloom and doom, there are things going on around our tiny house. We bought Grown Up Furniture. Real furniture! Two chairs for our living room!! From a fancy furniture store!! Oh, my gosh, it's exciting.

And we're seriously thinking of doing some minor remodeling around the house. Although I only use the term minor because we're not doing to Big Remodeling We Can Never Afford. Just the little remodel to improve the Butt Ugly Bathroom (BUB). We painted the BUB so it's not really BUB any more. But it's easier to call it that. Our current plan is to take out the tub in BUB, add in a tiled shower and switch the direction of the toilet so that people can actually sit on the toilet without having their knees run into the shower curtain.

We can then rescue some closet space from the BUB and add it to the unusable "master" walk in closet, which in reality is the width of the desk I'm typing on right now and is without a doubt, useless. BUT we're going to contact one of them there fancy closet places and make them make this thing WORK!

The fact is that yes, our house is small. But it's not! The solution is NOT more space. The solution is making better use of the space we have. We need a few more pieces of furniture, a few more built-ins and a better reorganization of the space we already have, and I think we'd be just fine for a long time in that house.

I'd really like for people to look at our house and think Clever and Cute even if they don't ever look at it and think Big.

FINALLY, the blog entry that has kept me up more than it ever should have involves my husband. And my Son. And the Birthday Book Dave bought Conor. Emergency. (In searching for this, I suppose I can be grateful he didn't buy Fire! Fire!) No, Emergency is bad enough with its opening scene of how someone is robbing a house and the police have to capture the burglar to rescuing the hikers on the mountain top with a helicopter to the coast guard rescuing a sinking ship.

IT'S A CHILDREN'S BOOK FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! Conor loves it! It drives me NUTTY. And it's British. For some reason, it seems unfathomable that the Brits would have no problem scaring the beejsus out of their children just so children could see drawings of firetrucks and ambulances! Maybe that helps explain the British culture of being nonplussed. They scare the crap out of their children with their early reading.

OK. Whatever. I'm probably the only Mom who freaks out about such things. Conor certainly likes it.

I think I've caught up for now. We're going away this weekend. I cannot wait!!!


OneTiredEma said...

I have to you let down every time you read it? :-)

Anita said...

No, I do not let down reading it. But thinking about it and writing this comment DOES make me tingly.

And I'm at WORK!

Piratewench said...

That's no surprise regarding the English who have given us such ditties as "Ring around the Rosey" and "Rock a By Baby." Those are both pretty morbid

EmilyJane said...

how timely...I was just reading yesterday about someone in france ( who got fired b/c of her website posts, and she is now suing the company. Should be a very interesting case to say the least.

and yeah, poor lil' "Rock-a-bye baby." Scary lyrics, but my daughter loves it. Perhaps she just loves the very Safe and Pleasant way that I sing it...(oh, go on! LOL)