Friday, July 28, 2006

A Squash of Unknown Origins

There are a mishmash of things on my mind.

1) The garden is going crazy. There are tomatoes that are taunting me. Weeds openly mock me as I walk by. I just now realized that the green peppers I've been harvesting are really red; I have just been picking them too soon. But my lazy ass gardening self has left them on the vine long enough to turn red. Dave has also discovered a Squash of Unknown Origin (Squo) near the compost pile. ((The image of this squash developing amuses me: The squash seed starts to sprout and says to itself "I have no idea where I am, but this is Good Stuff!!")) I actually think it's a cucumber, but we'll have to see what it produces before we can be sure.

2) Duncan has a urinary tract infection and we have to give him antibiotics. I'm sure you know the directions for giving a cat a pill, so you can imagine how thrilled we are. However, the doc has given us liquid antibiotics, which Oh My Word is so much easier. It's a quick grab-and-squirt and the cat is left licking his whiskers in confusion. That's the way we like it.

3) I neglected to discuss the Toddler Dance of Joy before. I shall describe this interpretive dance in situ. Dave arrived home from DC and we picked him up in the airport. We were walking one way, when I looked behind and saw Dave. I leaned down to Conor's level and told him I saw Daddy behind us. Conor turned around, saw Dave and started running towards him. But his excitement, his thrill, his joy at seeing his Daddy so overwhelmed him that he stopped and began to stamp his feet and rapidly flap his hands up and down. When one is the recipient of the Toddler Dance of Joy, one's heart nearly explodes.

Now back to my creating my syllabus.


OneTiredEma said...

I agree--toddler interpretive dance is so cute! And SO funny!

karen said...

"interpretive dance in situ"

a great turn of phrase!

Anonymous said...

I think green and red peppers are the same thing, i.e., all green peppers will eventually turn red on the vine. Yum!