Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Great Family Road Trip: Day 1

After spending the morning freezing veggies and raw scrambled eggs, taking Christopher to the orthodontist, and sending Conor to dance camp, we started the Great Family Road Trip.  ((Shorter than Great Blanchard-Dougherty Road Trip.  We have long names))

It was non-eventful.


We prepared a bit more for this trip.  We have two high speed multi-port chargers with Lightening Fast charging lines.  Y'ALL--WE NEED TO KEEP THOSE KINDLES CHARGED.  Plus, we bought a permanent portable hot spot that we're using as needed in the car, too, so the kids can play a few wifi games.  PLUS we brought a ton of coloring, reading, and activity books, which HOORAY are what the kids did first.  Yes, there was some kindle use, but there was more coloring and activity and thumb war than we anticipated.

There was only one fight. And that was when I was yelling at them to stop goofing around so much in the back while I found a hotel.  Wait.  I lie.  I already forgot that one time when Christopher lost his shit because we drank water out of HIS Gatorade bottle and not one of the other 3 in the car.  Dave and I looked at each other and thought, Oh No.  This is the hell we were afraid of.  Fortunately, we're already forgetting about it!!

Dinner was great.  Hotel is skeevy.  Christopher was up at 2 about to puke.  

UGH.  So, a bit  about the sleeping arrangements.  You would think that with two beds, the adults would have 1 bed and the kids would have another.  You clearly have not been slept with us in the last 12 years. If they could design a bed with a space on each side of me, a space above me, and a space below me we would buy that bed.  Then if they could add on spots for each cat, the dog, 3 gerbils, and a chicken or two, we'd start our own reality show and make a lot of money.

The kids have already negotiated who gets what bed with me when.  And there have been more than a few family discussions about the merits of each parent's snuggling.  Last night I was with the younger boys and Dave was with the squirrel.  

Which is why at 2 am, I noted a very awake moose by my side.  When I asked him what I could do to help him get to sleep, he said "My Tummy hurts."  And I had three thoughts.  1) Oh, Shit.  And 2) This will make great fodder for the blog, and 3) OH NO.  This is going to be exactly like our family trip to Disney World where each child and I took turns puking at the various theme parks we visited in and around Orlando.

To be honest, my tummy feels a bit queasy, too.  And FORTUNATELY (may you all knock on wood), no one has puked yet or, um, had other "issues."  

So today is the Big Ass Drive Day.  Y'all:  Tennessee is freaking LONG.  It's the same distance to Nashville from Charlotte as it is to DC.  And then we have to get past Memphis! And then Arkansas, OK, and Texas.  Or Arkansas, Texas, and OK.  I get confused.

We are off (our rockers) as out the door as soon as I get dressed.  So, see you all in another state.  Hopefully no puking or other issues for the rest of the trip.


T. Carter said...

Details on the permanent portable hot spot, please!

Anita Blanchard said...

We got it from Verizon. It's a jet pack. You share data with your plan, but separate from phone. Love it!

Carroll McNeill said...

Oh lord, let this be a completely 'No Puking!" trip for you, Anita!! I sure do remember that other one. Fingers crossed!!