Thursday, December 04, 2014

Death and Life

Conor didn't know about Stampy's death until he came home last night. In the morning, he had told  me he was worried that Stampy was sleeping so much and I brushed him off. It was only when I  deposited the Roomba for a quick clean of the boys' room did I understand what this "sleeping" was.

Thank goodness. That would have been a horrible day for Conor at school.

He was very upset. And obviously, he felt very guilty.  We all agreed to wait a bit before re-gerbiling.  I hope Santa's stocking gift of a clear water bottle helps excite him again.

In other rodent death news......

this dead mouse is what I found while cleaning some clothes off a chair in our bedroom.  J'accuse, Fred.  J'accuse. Especially when Fred had taken a very new interest in lying on top of the clothes and sleeping throughout the night.  

Unfortunately, I've come to expect these sorts of adventures with Fred in the house. Indeed, the second shriek of the day occurred when I found the the giant  (plastic) ant the kids had hidden on the top of the dresser.  The physical and emotional reaction has become so natural, I couldn't even touch it and made Dave move the giant plastic ant so I could keep cleaning. 

In a more delight-in-death news, our Thanksgiving Turkey was a hit this year! BACON FOR THE WIN!!

Start with some apples and sage.....

cover in bacon.....

die and go to heaven.

This one is a definite repeat. In fact, we might repeat it at Christmas!! The bacon alone is pure heaven.

I'm sure it's distasteful to link gerbil/mouse death with eating turkey. But we're on an urban farm around here and I was a strict vegetarian for 7 years. No need to sugar coat what we're doing when we eat meat. Coat it in bacon. It is very tasteful, indeed.  

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Angela Kammler said...

Hey Anita!! It's been a while since I checked up on ya! You probably don't even remember me lol! But I'm from Charlotte Mommies! I saw your link to your blog and thought I'd checked in on it! I have got to try the bacon on the turkey! I actually thought about doing it this time, but didn't. So it makes a noticeable difference?! I used bacon grease to sauté some onions for our potatoes, and a little on top of the turkey. I used the bacon to make ramaki (bacon wrapped waterchestnuts in a homemade BBQ sauce), but I'm thinking I need to try putting the bacon directly on the turkey!!

I hope you are doing well!! I am going to look around on your blog some more and see what is new with you! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that the new year brings you lots of joy & happiness!