Thursday, December 05, 2013

Twins' Christmas Pageant

The twins had their Christmas pageant tonight.  Bridget was the "lead angel" and had actual lines.  Lines in which she rehearsed them as "DON'T FREAK OUT!  THERE'S A NEW BABY JESUS!"  While I thought that would have been adorable (i.e, viral) she stuck mostly with telling the shepherds "Don't be afraid!  There's a new savior born, Baby Jesus Chris the Lord.  Go to Jerusalem to find him!"

In the video, she has her back to the camera (must work on the diva moves, and Christopher helps her with her lines....because THEY ARE TWINS.  He took her role very seriously.  She did not.  :-)  He's the Shepherd with the mustache and red head covering.  Adorbs.

I must say, my favorite part of the play is when Bridget is finished with her lines and hamming for the camera. That's the girl we know.

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