Monday, October 14, 2013

Faculty Coach Follow Up

That was a lot of fun.  As Dave and I sat on the porch having a glass of wine/beer (as the case may be) on late Saturday afternoon, I told Dave that was one of the best days of my life.

He cut me some serious side eye, so I clarified.  It was not as good a day as marrying him or having Conor or bringing the twins home from the hospital.  But it was up there with going to the Mondrian Hotel, getting into the Skybar and drinking the Dom Perignon that Grant Hill had bought for my friend and me, or having our wedding announced in the NY Times.

We felt special and it was fun.  As we were doing laps around the field before the game, we saw some of my students who called out to me.  Definite highlight.  We saw and talked to Wilson from a huge variety of media around Charlotte.  We ate dinner Friday night with extremely polite players of the team and Conor watched most of Iron Man 3 with them beforehand.  (The twins were watching the Lorax on my iPad, but the scenes in the movie were too much for them and we left)

Yes, it would have been more fun if we had beaten UNC Pembroke.  I had no idea beforehand that Pembroke was doing really well this year, so. Booooo.

But it doesn't matter. I'm still in love with Football at UNC Charlotte.  As soon as I can figure out why my computer is blocking me out of the my pictures file because I don't have enough "permission" (?!), I'll post some of our fantastic pictures from the day.

We're still a bit pooped from this weekend.  I have no idea how the players and coaches do it.

Niner nation, y'all!  Go enjoy yourself some UNC Charlotte Football love.

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