Monday, August 26, 2013

Ack! Phht! Phht! Ack!!

Well, that's a descriptive title. But it pretty much sums up my feelings in the aftermath of a (new) doctor's visit today.

The twins were supposed to have their 4 year old well visit today, but I essentially waited to schedule it until they were healthy , and the only opening was 4 years and 2 months.  UNFORTUNATELY, the appointment was at 9 and I thought it was at 3.  Whoops.  So they missed their well visit.  No big whoop-dee-do. We can reschedule.

Except Christopher had that 103 fever 10 days ago?  Which developed into nothing?  And then developed into a cold?  And then he woke up with his "asthma cough" as we call it, yesterday morning and today.

OK.  Still no problem.  His oxygen sats are fine.  It's the Squirrel that concerns us.  We've got his treatment regimen down pat.  But so far, the path seems to be: when he gets asthma symptoms, she goes to the hospital.

So we wanted to see our doctor just to get on her radar that our journey down the path? It has started.

Well, our doctor is very popular and was fully booked when we showed up at the wrong appointment time.  So, instead we saw Doogie Howser, the new doc in the clinic.  Remember how I wish I had that "I Know Stuff" button when I go to the doctor's office?  It's even more the case when the doc is new and not familiar with one's family or the particulars of one squirrelly Squirrel.

So what did we learn today? Since I am always LOOKING FOR THE FREAKIN' BRIGHT SIDE, this is what we learned:

*Do not use the term "atypical asthma."  Use "atypical reactive airway disease."  It's the same dadgum thing, but medical professionals get stuck on the asthma part and forget to focus on the more important atypical qualifier.
*Throw in "albuterol insensitive" as soon as they start talking about treatments.
*She presents "like cystic fibrosis" gets more attention than she presents with atelectasis.

And Dave made this suggestion:  Doctor's are told that if they hear hoofbeats, look for horses, not zebras.  I appreciate that.  However, we are dealing with elands here and helping them understand that sooner rather than later reduces my need for an extra anti-anxiety medication.


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