Thursday, March 21, 2013

Part of the Craziness of Life with Twins

Here is a video I took last night of PART of our family.  I wanted to capture Fred playing with his tail, which is adorable, and then it just went crazier from there.

*Christopher dancing in his princess dress
*Bridget rushing to get her princess dress to dance, too.
*Christopher bringing out the popcorn popper toy
*Bridget's dress being very funky
*Patches wanting to get in the video, too

All the while, Fred is alternately chasing his tail and cleaning his face, and, um, another part.

I will add that last night, I amused myself when at 12:30 Christopher showed up to hop in bed with us.  I never anticipated that I would be saying to any of my children, "Take off your princess dress before you get in bed with us."

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