Monday, January 16, 2012

Toddler Talkings

The kids are saying some very cute things lately and I want to remember them before it's too late.  Despite our first blog's semi-disappearance (we all lost our blogs on Salon, including Julie Powell's blog--the one the book and movie Julie/Julia was based on), I frequently wrote about Conor's development.  The twins are getting short changed in this regard.  So, I may be writing some short entries over the next few decades (!) so I can say a bit more about what they are doing.

I'm just freakin' busy.  And although I have time to write a FB status update most days, I don't have enough time to do that with the blog.  (As my older son just CHING CHING CHING CHING ninja attacked me on the arm this very second, I don't always have the patience either)

So, here we go.

Bridget likes when I tickle her parmpits, but does not like it when she hurts her belbow. Truly, she loves to eat doodles with red sauce and a lot of parmesean cheese. When guests are over, and she, ahem, passes gas, they might expect her to excuse herself when they ask her "What do you say?"  Most people are surprised when she proudly shouts, "I TOOTED!"

We are pretty open with bodily functions around here.  Tonight, Dave said to Christopher as he changed him for bedtime, "Oh my goodness!  Where did all this pee pee come from in your diaper?!"

Christopher thought for only a moment before he stated the obvious, "From my penis."

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Rebecca said...

Call him a piss-a-saurus...or a pee a saurus...either works. Both are funny and would be funny to hear a kid say. Ya know how kids repeat what big people say.....

And with the I daughter still to this day has NEVER ever admitted to tooting. She's almost seven.