Monday, December 14, 2009


Oh, I just made that up. It is a pretty crazy month thus far.

We're functioning in the house now. There are still plenty of boxes left to unpack. But the master closet is set up and most of the boxes are out of the master bedroom.

Dave is actually playing with the AT&T Uverse TV and we both are so overwhelmed. We found some games on the system this weekend (or I should say, my tech and otherwise genius brother-in-law did) and we have no idea where they are now. And have no idea how to find the time to find them again.

School starts in one month, and I am a bit concerned about how I am going to do this with 3 kids. Dinners are CRAZY around here. And that's when I have a couple of hours to put together a lame meal. What about when we're down to hour singular?

And Christopher's eczema is not better. I'm off both wheat and dairy for now and we're taking him to a pediatric dermatologist tomorrow.

Still, it's all good. Conor sang for the first time with his choir in front of the whole church for the Christmas sing-along. This Wednesday is the Christmas Pageant, and Conor is going to be a sheep. Very cute. We're loving the house and considering how uncomfortable Christopher is at night, sleep is realistic at this stage.

The first two years are the worst, right? I need to go back and read my blog and figure out when it gets easy again.


Karen said...

Taylor had terrible eczema on his head and spots on his torso. And he was bottle-fed soy products. We ended up just using hydro-cortisone, oiling his head, and doing the best we could to keep him comfortable. Diet didn't seem to be the thing. His head was the first to get better. He had random spots on his arms and legs for years. In fact, every once in a while now, at 15, he still will get a spot.

Bedtiming said...

Great to find your blog! I'm also a mom of twins and trying to juggle that with an academic life (I CANNOT imagine having a third child in the mix), so I could learn a lot from your blog, I think...

And yes, the first two years ARE the worst. My life changed dramatically when the boys turned three and the parallel play turned into major interactive play. It's AWESOME.