Sunday, November 22, 2009


Our closets and cabinets are beginning to vomit their belongings out into the rental. We are dutifully cleaning them, wrapping them up and gently putting them in boxes. There are steps forward in some aspects of finishing the house and steps nowhere in others.

Oddly, for the last two mornings, I've been waking up singing to myself: I Am Not Your Broom. I did not understand why until I read the lyrics. Then I found it very amusing.

After waking up this morning singing "I Am Not Your Broom" to myself, I then put myself back to sleep singing the round "Shalom, My Good Friend." I even tried doing the round myself in my sleep.

Yeah. Lots going on around here.

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Carroll said...

At least one member of your audience remains raptly attentive to all this, Anita. Thanks to you I have recently advised (in no uncertain terms) a nearby friend who is contemplating a remodel to "Move out! Whatever you do, move out!!" As with all your other writing over the years, your experiences and life lessons really do get disseminated far further (far farther?) than you probably realize. Indeed, you are a teacher!