Monday, October 23, 2006


HA! We are not nearly as geeky as you thought we were!! Elvis Mitchell, on NPR's Weekend Saturday Edition waxed poetic on how great Battlestar Galatica is. Elvis is not geeky at all, so by extension, neither are we!

We are, however, tired. And I am still overweight. I currently place all the blame on my son's tiny shoulders. First, I gained the weight because of him. And second, he has been thwarting my early morning exercises by waking up entirely too soon and wanting to, nay, forcing me to snuggle with him in bed for another 30 minutes or so.

And the child has yet to learn good bed manners. Well, the progress is that the three of us are no longer sleeping like an H. (guess who the - is?) We have sort of moved into more polite sleeping arrangements like "spoon" and "nook." Spoon, I'm sure you know, except in Conor's case, it's Reverse Spoon so that we face each other. It's apparently quite important for him to breathe on me, too. Which would annoy me with a grown up, but his breath still smells like cookies so I don't mind.

"Nook" you may not be so familiar with---it involves sleeping with one's head in the nook of one's partner's arm. Conor will start in a traditional nook, but soon moves into cross body nook (legs on one side, head in the nook of the other arm) and full body nook which involves nooker's head on nookee's shoulder neck, rest of body like a dead weight on nookee.

So there. I'm fat and tired and it's all his fault. It as absolutely nothing to do with the big frosted chocolate cookie I bought at HT yesterday. Nothing at all.

Oh, and thank god for the blog world---I remember when Ema's Miss M started waking at 5:30, so I don't think it's an "issue" with us as much as some bizarre developmental stage.


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OneTiredEma said...

Sadly, the solution to the 5:30 (or 5:00 or 4:50) wakeups has been a later bedtime. Bed at 8 or 8:30 instead of 7 results in sleep until 6:00 at least, sometimes later. (Or if she does wake before then, she has the decency to go back to sleep. After nursing, of course.)

It took us months to try pushing the bedtime, but it worked in about 10 days. Rocket science, I tell you!

Oh, and totally normal. One of the kids in her preschool class--also a 5:00 waker--dropped out because he needed to nap by 11. I wasn't willing to pull her out, though.